You Can Still Reach – Tacha Drags Seyi Awolowo Despite the Show’s Rerun and Your Awolowo Name

September 8th, 2023

Seyi Awolowo, one of the BBNaija All Stars housemates who was recently kicked out, has been the subject of criticism from Tacha, a former BBNaija housemate.

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Since the BBNaija Pepper Dem Season, Tacha and Seyi have been at odds with each other. During the current episode of BBNaija All Stars, Tacha expressed her doubts about Seyi via social media. She confronted the jury and his fans multiple times for saving him on the reality show. Seyi appears to have been shown all of Tacha’s negative posts about him when he was kicked out of the show.

He made fun of Tacha in a recent interview, saying that she thought the show’s organizers would call her to invite her to the All Stars house, but they didn’t.

Tacha took to her X handle this evening to mock him after she caught her sub. She asserts that Seyi was unaffected by the Awolowo name or his appearance on the show.

She shared a throwback video from the Pepper Dem reunion in which she stated that Seyi, at his age, had not achieved what she had achieved at 23 and that he would not have been even close to achieving it if it weren’t for Big Brother.

She wrote, while posting the video;

“And nothing has altered!!! Even though you have your Awolowo name and a run of the show, you can’t reach anyone! Hauling you NOT ON A Digital broadcast But rather ON MY OWN SHOW!!! Snaiyee, you cannot connect!

Going around the reason of “OLD

SCHOOL!!!” you’re a sorry reason of a man!! You think you’re mentally OK grooming sons to run trains on people’s daughters?! you’re running maad na to bare remain!!”