YBNL princess, Temmie Ovwasa talks on claimed physical, s3xual attack from Olamide

September 18th, 2023

Temmie Ovwasa, a Nigerian performer, answers the new inconsistency including her previous chief, Olamide, sorting everything out on charges of misuse.

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The previous YBNL princess expressed that Olamide had committed no physical or rapes and cautioned against spreading bogus data.

Temmie proceeded to say that her grumblings emerged from Olamide’s thoughtless treatment of her music vocation, the mark’s absence of design, her own concerns with Olamide’s better half, and other associated hardships.

She told Olamide the items in her last message prior to hindering him, communicating her disappointment with the payment he gave as a settlement for finishing her business.

Temmie Ovwasa made sense of that the cash gave was lacking to cover her everyday costs or secure convenience in Lagos.

She wrote in a lengthy Instagram story,

β€œAgain!! I need to make it clearrrrrr. Olamide didn’t attack me actually or physically, he never at any point took a gander at me that way!!!!

Kindly don’t approach spreading stup!d lies! I’m talking about my music, his careless handling of it, the label’s lack of organization, and the fact that they took my name and I can no longer change it. Individuals around him, and the experience I had with his better half in his home!

I’m saying he might have improved!! I no dey like on best individuals’ head!!!

Please stop contacting my DMS to inquire about sexual harassment! He didn’t do that!!!

What befell you first craftsman you marked?

What happened to pelepele? He unlived himself?

The last message I sent prior to obstructing you was that I won’t let this go even with your remuneration, that could work for individuals that don’t have a clue about their value!! You like to mess around, I played it with you.

Remunerating me for 5 squandered a very long time with cash that can’t pay lease and figure out my bills in Lagos. I was at that point damaged before I met you, I truly thought I was going to find opportunity at long last. You exacerbated it.

I’m slithering my direction to the top and each step en route I will stop to recount my story.

Omo oro ni mi, the main thing I dread is a life that is unfulfilling.

On the off chance that I lose my life as of now, I made it past the time I thought I’d cherish for such a long time. You went despite my good faith to discuss me realizing it will get me blackl!sted. I’m building something that rises above your industry, I guarantee you that one”.