Why Mohbad neck was bowed inside the coffin – Casket Producer uncovers watch this video

September 18th, 2023

Mohbad’s coffin maker has now explained why the deceased singer’s neck was bent inside the box.

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Mohbad, the “Harmony” singer, kicked the bucket on September 12, 2023 and was covered on September 13, 2023 in Ikorodu, Lagos.

Following his demise, a video showing Mohbad’s unmoving body inside the coffin seemed on the web, with the vocalist’s neck bowed, a film that offended a large number.

Following the discussions that have ejected in the consequence of Mohbad’s passing, the casket Creator uncovers to all and everybody the reason for the late artist’s twisted neck.

The final resting place producer asks Nigerians to quit accusing him as he attests that there was no chance to take estimations for Mohbad caskets.

He added that the dad and the family needed the final resting place so quick.

See responses beneath;

ayor_aad: Why so quick 😢 Mohbad was rarely dead. That kid is crying in the grave at the present time .. the infusion they gave him was to make him drop for a couple of days to make him seem as though he’s truly dead.. furthermore, that is the reason they needed to twist his neck in the final resting place to stay away from chances of him awakening… I continue to feel as such.

uncle_azeez: How much is Naira Marley’s casket worth to me? man.down00: They broke his neck so it could fit in the coffin💔 the dad has inquiries to address cos imagine a scenario in which Mohbad was oblivious. Has anybody pondered that? For what reason would they say they were even in a rush to cover him? Were they simply sit tight for him to d!e or what💔.

flames.originals: The father might have been paid to remain silent and act quickly.

nnenna_blinks_: What was the explanation needing to cover him quick when he isn’t so much as a Muslim? Additionally, wanting a coffin made quickly without first determining whether it would fit his body. Do you see how suspicious this young man’s death is? You see the question marks encompassing the difficulty What was the explanation?

Check out the video here;