Thomas Tuchel shares Leeds United surprise as he assesses major Jesse Marsch change

May 11th, 2022

Thomas Tuchel shares Leeds United surprise as he assesses major Jesse Marsch change

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Chelsea manager Thomas Tuchel has shared his surprise at the fact that Leeds United have upped their physical output since Jesse Marsch’s appointment.

Leeds made the change to part ways with Marcelo Bielsa back in February in favour of Jesse Marsch, with the side hoping that it would spark a move towards sealing survival.

They find themselves in the relegation zone ahead of tonight, but knowing that bettering Burnley’s final three results will see them safe.

Leeds have switched to a more pragmatic approach under the American, but have still retained some of the high-pressing characteristics from Bielsa’s time at the club.

However, what we have seen is a change in the efficiency of the side’s ability to press the opposition.

That’s the view of Chelsea boss Thomas Tuchel who explored Leeds’ improvement in that regard, something that took him by surprise after seeing how Bielsa’s Leeds set up.

“It looks different,” to Chelsea’s official YouTube account.

“They even stepped up in their physical input, which is quite remarkable because we thought they already play on their top-level, physical-wise under Marcelo Bielsa.

“But they even stepped up, in terms of high-intensity runs and attacking. This is what we expect.

What this sort of assessment shows you is that Tuchel is not underestimating the challenge his side has tonight.

It is intriguing to see that we’re technically pressing better under Marsch than Bielsa, but that comes with a far more organised setup.

Man-marking was unravelling under Bielsa to the point where we couldn’t turn the ball over because we were bested all over the park every week.

We need to be able to convert this improved shape into goals though, because one in the last three isn’t going to cut it, regardless of the opposition.