Rema’s Ethiopian show was cancelled due to serious concerns.

September 7th, 2023

The much-anticipated concert that singer Rema was supposed to give in Ethiopia has been postponed due to concerns about religious sentiments and suggestive imagery.

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According to a statement released by the Sheraton Hotel in Addis Ababa, Rema’s Ethiopian New Year’s Eve Concert, which was originally scheduled for September 9, has been postponed.

Due to claims of “devil-worshipping” in connection with the artwork on his custom necklace, the decision was made amid controversy.

Rema’s symbols, particularly the burning church on his necklace that he used as a stage for his performances, were viewed as disrespectful and offensive by many Ethiopians.

A significant amount of public outcry and condemnation was prompted by the imagery, which featured churches on fire and inverted crosses.

These images were likewise denounced by the Ethiopian Conventional Tewahedo Church, which has a rich social legacy and solid strict convictions.

In response to increasing public pressure, the Sheraton Hotel Addis decided to postpone Rema’s New Year’s Eve celebration.

The management of the hotel made a statement, expressing their deep regret for any wrong done by Rema’s planned execution and emphasizing their respect for Ethiopian culture, history, and strict standards.

An Ethiopian woman conversed with by well known media character Daddy Freeze attested her countrymen’s advantages.

She explained that Rema’s show was ultimately canceled by the Ethiopian Orthodox Church due to allegations of devil worship stemming from his necklace.

She said, “In Ethiopia, they issued a statement about Rema that looked like a press release.” Yes, you can comprehend its significance.

After that, Daddy Freeze obtained some details regarding the core of the public statement and what they claimed Rema did.

The woman responded, In light of what he has on his neck, they are essentially saying that he adores Satan. To be honest, I never even gave it much thought. Furthermore, there is more to it; to be honest.

Daddy Freeze pronounced, thus, my affection for religion is a neckband; Religion is an especially amazing thing. Because of Rema’s necklace, the Ethiopian Orthodox Church “cancelled” his show.