Phyna makes a bold statement about her abortion, saying, “There is no woman who hasn’t done one or two abortions.”

A Big Brother Naija “Level Up” winner who goes by the name Phyna has caused controversy for her views on abortion.

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Phyna made the blatant statement in an interview with media personality Chude Jideonwo that no woman has not had one or two abortions.

She made it abundantly clear when she talked about having an abortion when she was younger. Phyna stated that she had never conducted an interview regarding an early termination.

She claims that while she was chatting with other BBN housemates, she made the admission that she had an abortion.

Everyone wanted to be famous so they could have an impact when I left the Big Brother house. Everyone had to behave badly. While I was there, the house was bustling with conversation. The issue of abortion—those who discuss him with their own Democrat are aware of this, right?

Do you get that no lady will guarantee that she hasn’t done it a few times? Now, I did not conduct that interview with those people. During the conversation in the house, I wasn’t the only one who made comments. Everyone voiced their opinions. I have no idea what we were doing at the time we said it. I had already stated it on television as a result. The interview was now conducted over the phone after I left the house.

When the news spread, I was shocked to see it. I informed my manager because we were going to take it seriously. Everyone looked like you, knowing how people talk, and you just emerged. Making a brand. You would prefer not to stain (your image). You see, when I left the house, I went through a lot. A lot was happening. I was not part of that interview. It was viewed on television by the individual.