“No, is the man carrying juju?” – The video of a man holding Mohbad’s hand tightly during his latest concert surprised many people

September 14th, 2023

A video that shows a man holding the hand of the late musician Mohbad at his last concert in Ikorodu, Lagos, has sparked wild speculation.

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In the viral film, a man is seen getting a handle on Mohbad’s hand as other others assist the vocalist with standing up straight amidst fan aggravation.

Responding, netizens voiced worry over the hand wristbands worn by the one who immovably got a handle on Mohbad’s hand during the show, suggesting that it was an indication of juju.

A voice screamed, “Una wan kill am?”* amid the argument.

Reactions of Netizens… After that, netizens posted their thoughts in the comment section.

One raraavisidealconcept composed: ” I can tell from the look on his face when that hand held him that he felt strangely strange and stumbled. The wickedness was carried out by that beaded hand, which tightened its grip on Mohbad not only to applaud him but also to finish what it had been attempting to do. They exploited the group, and the executioner came in the group. This serves as a warning to all Aristes, big and small, to avoid touching the alleged cheering crowd or fans, even female fans. Just exercise caution out there. I wish this person didn’t bite the dust. Furthermore, how he was swiftly covered in a coffin that wasn’t sufficiently long to oblige his level, the earnestness in the entombment… .Well… I smell a major rat😢😢😢.”

kwin_biba composed: ” This man won’t ever find peace😭😭😭😭😭nd mohbad took a gander at him in a dubious way as well 😭.”

chimeekennyeneh composed: ” That kayamata fellow holding him so close face no show… .kaii😭💔.”

udii_jona composed: ” Omo!!!! Buh to even Dey alone sef Dey torment individuals 🤌🏻wetin mohbad do una na 😭😭.”