“Nigerians don’t believe in us but we see that as a motivation to go further” – Onome Ebi speaks

August 4th, 2023

The commander of the Super Birds of prey of Nigeria, Onome Ebi, has unveiled that she sees no justification for why she and her partners ought to fear the Three Lions of Britain.

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At 8:30 a.m. on Monday, August 7, the Super Birds of prey will confront apparently their greatest adversaries, Britain, at the continuous 2023 Ladies’ Reality Cup in Australia and New Zealand.

The round of 16 match is a must-win for the two groups as the two groups try to win their most memorable Ladies’ Reality Cup in their set of experiences.

Thus, past getting more cash for arriving at the quarter-finals ($90,000 per player of the group that comes to the last eight), the two groups need to outperform their best presentation in the competition.

While the best exhibition of the Super Hawks was a quarter-last completion in the 1999 release, the Lionesses have arrived at the quarter-finals multiple times and the semi-finals two times.

In light of their ongoing structure as the main group in the round of 16 with three wins and defending champs of Europe, and furthermore the way that the Super Hawks have never crushed them On the planet Cup after two gatherings, Britain are viewed as top choices to win Monday’s conflict.

Nonetheless, the Super Birds of prey skipper who is 40 years of age and has played in 6 Ladies’ Reality Cups, contended that her group can take down any group at the competition.

Review that the Super Birds of prey draw 0-0 with the dominant Olympics champions, Canada, beat the World Cup co-has 3-2, and drew 0-0 with the Republic of Ireland to book a date with the unbeaten Britain in the round of 16.

We have begun the race, we’ve passed the gathering stage, so every other thing in our mind is winning since, supposing that you dominate no match from now on you are out, no additional opportunity. Thus, we are giving everything to advance. We haven’t arrived to perceive what Australia looks like. We have a 100% opportunity to play against any group. We are going hard and fast and our attitude is tied in with winning,” Ebi told Punch.

“Before we even came here, we didn’t see anybody compromising us. Having played against Canada, the Olympic bosses; co-has Australia, and even Ireland and going through that stage, I don’t think there is any group we are terrified of playing against. The mentality we had that certified us for the round of 16 is similar attitude we are utilizing to play some other group, it doesn’t really matter to us what their identity is.”

The Super Birds of prey commander added, “One thing about this World Cup and the Super Hawks is that individuals don’t trust in us.

They figured we were unable to make it past the gathering stage. We were discounted like we were simply coming to partake. We were in an extreme gathering and no group was a sucker, however they didn’t anticipate that we should overtake any group in the gathering stage.

“That is really an inspiration for us since we understand what the World Cup and is in question. Realizing individuals don’t have confidence in us is an inspiration and by and by, I consider negative remarks to be inspiration to go further. In this way, it resembles a gift for us that no one trusted in us. That is the thing is working as far as we’re concerned.”