Ikeja electric exposed by businessman over bill theft

December 21st, 2022

A young man identified as Ufuomma has shared a bitter encounter with Ikeja Disco over outrageous electricity bills he received

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The young man who operates a food joint shared how he was given outrageous energy bills from Ikeja Disco and had to report the case to the FCCPC. He disclosed that they were given bills between N150,000 and N200,000 each month which he found ridiculous.

According to him, he received a lot of threats and constant disconnection threats from one of the staff of the electricity company until he filed a complaint with FCCPC.

After the invitation of the two parties by the FCCPC, it was discovered that the businessman was given the wrong bills and had about N800,000 balance with Ikeja Disco due to overbilling.

His tweet reads:

Recall that I once tweeted here about how Ikeja Disco kept sending me ridiculous bills and I had to report them to the @fccpcnigeri who gave me redress by crediting me with over N400,000 worth of energy credit.”