‘I didn’t know this’: Tuchel surprised by Chelsea board’s recent decision in club sale process

April 8th, 2022
Tuchel surprised by Chelsea board's recent decision in club sale process

Tuchel surprised by Chelsea board's recent decision in club sale process

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Chelsea manager Thomas Tuchel has reacted to the club’s decision to give the four remaining consortia in the race to buy the club more time to prepare their final proposals.

The four shortlisted bidders were initially expected to submit their final offers by Monday, 11 April, after being given opportunities to hold meetings with Chelsea board members and visit the club’s facilities this week.

However, Raine Group, the New York-based investment bank in charge of the sale, reportedly notified the prospective buyers that they now have time until the latter half of next week.

It is now also increasingly unclear whether the sale could be completed by the end of this month as hoped.

Tuchel, who reiterated his limited role in the process, was apparently surprised by the decision.

“Oh I did not know this,” the manager said in Friday’s press conference when asked about the extension of the deadline for the final bids.

“No… it is what it is.

“It’s the process, and I’m sure that the people who take care of it; our board, the government, and the people who made the bid, are aware of the urgency.

“It’s not my business, actually, [so] it’s not an upset. As I said before, I’m not involved in the daily process of that.

“So, it’s not a new concern.”

Tuchel also argued that his team had shown that the uncertainty over the club ownership situation did not affect their performance on the pitch.

“We proved that it’s not like this, so why should it be different now?” he added.

“Nothing has changed for us in our life, here in Cobham, the training ground, and the preparation of the games.

“I don’t look for any excuses in these circumstances.”