How I Feel About People Assuming I Go Out and Perform Surgery When I Wake Up – Toke Makinwa [Watch]

October 30th, 2023

There is a lot that has been said about socialite, actress, and business woman Toke Makinwa. Some of it has been positive, and some of it has been negative.

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In a new interview with DTNow Magazine, Toke Makinwa finally addresses some of the negative thoughts people have of her including that she undergoes many surgeries, and that she got to where she is because of rich sponsors. Here’s what Toke Makinwa had to say about the whole thing.

During the interview, Toke was asked “What is it that people believe about you that is not true?” She responded:

TOKE MAKINWA: I think people believe that I just wake up every day and get surgeries. People believe that my life has been handed over to me. People definitely believe that there’s some wealthy guy somewhere who’s funding my life. And I think – I mean, I just in this space today, I’ve had four jobs in one job. Literally shooting this cover, shooting for another company, the campaigns I shot in this same building, four in one. People don’t see that because I make it look fun. And I think we have a generation that is so obsessed with results and not the process. And that’s why you find a lot of young people who are quick to be depressed and anxious because they just want it right now. Half the time, we don’t post our failures. Jeez, I had so many doors shut in my face. I became a good presenter because of the nos’ I got. I remember standing in the flipping cold in O2 begging to be interviewed because I wanted to get a job on MTV. And of course, I didn’t get the job. It hurts. You know, I remember going for my first audition and someone being pretty mean to me because she just thought she knew me from the University of Lagos and just said really mean things to me. Threw my game off. I didn’t get the job. I cried myself to sleep. But people don’t get that side. People don’t see the L’s that I take. The moment they see success, they’re quick to want to relate it to something that has nothing to do with anything. But I don’t really complain anymore. I just say if it’s easy to do it, I mean, if you find someone who wants to take care of me, shoot, girl, I’ll be like, Yo, you know, and then it’s not my fault that a certain caliber of people fancy me. You know what I mean? I’ve worked so hard to get to the point in my life where I can say that you want to be with me. There has to be something to bring to the table. So if you call that me dating someone who just has money, I mean, it’s not my fault that wealthy people like me. So maybe in the future, I’m supposed to be wealthy. I mean, I am wealthy. So I guess we’re speaking the same language (laughs)