Force to be reckoned with Papaya Ex denies being pregnancy bits of gossip, flaunts her level stomach Video

September 30th, 2023

Papaya Ex, a famous Nigerian force to be reckoned with, has denied tales that she is pregnant. Abike Halima Raheem.

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You could recollect that her collaborator Funmi as of late stated in a famous video that Papaya is fourteen days alongside her lover in Dubai.

On Thursday night, she ridiculed Papaya, otherwise called Abike Bedouin Cash, in a live visit with devotees. The Lagos huge woman, as per Funmi, hasn’t transferred any photos of herself via web-based entertainment in some time because of the child.

She likewise said the secret Dubai man made’s Papayaextremely upset in the wake of discovering that she was conveying his child.

She kept on ridiculing the slayqueen by kidding that now that she had become a mother, her days as a kill sovereign had formally reached a conclusion.

Abike, nonetheless, discredited the gossipy tidbits about a pregnancy in a video that Bankuli, a craftsman advertiser, posted on Friday night.

The socialite dispersed bits of gossip that she was pregnant by uncovering her stomach while wearing a tank top.

Watch the video: