“Feyi is innocent”- Childhood friend to the nurse who injected Mohbad speaks

October 14th, 2023

The childhood friend of the nurse who injected Mohbad has come on social media to defend her friend, Feyi.

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According to the childhood friend to the nurse, Feyi told her that when she injected MohbadMohbad, goosebumps appeared on his body.

She quickly rushed to get an antitode. On coming back, she discovered Mohbad’s friend and the wife had poured cold water on him, and she warned them not to pour cold water on him, but unfortunately they did.

The childhood friend of the nurse pleaded with the general public that her friend was innocent and was only trying to do her job.

In her words; “Feyi told me that when he gave Mohbad the injection and goose bumps appeared in his body, she quickly went out to get an antidote. By the time she came back she discovered that Mohbad’s wife and friend have poured cold water on him.

She told them not to pour cold water on him and allow her to do her job but they told her that she shouldn’t worry because that was how he used to faint once in a while and they always revive him with water. Feyi is innocent”.

Watch her speak below;