Download: Oh! My Assistant (Movie) (2023) [Korean Movie]

January 26th, 2023


Seon Ho is a writer who, two years ago, was short on money, so decided to try to improve his financial situation by creating racy web-based cartoon strips (also known as webtoons). Known as “19+” titles, these webtoons may only be read by those aged 19 or above. Seon Ho’s titles have become extremely popular. But they have had a very unexpected effect on his sex drive. Since he began writing, he cannot feel aroused.

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Native Title: 오! 나의 어시님 (영화)

Also Known As: Oh My Assistant Movie , O! Naui Eosinim (Yeonghwa) , O Naui Eosinim Yeonghwa

Screenwriter: Jung Yoo Kyung

Genres: Comedy, Romance, Drama


Movie: Oh! My Assistant (Movie)

Country: South Korea

Release Date: Jan 3, 2023

Duration: 1 hr. 54 min.

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