Didier Drogba delivers ‘difficult’ verdict on Chelsea takeover situation amid protest pressures

April 4th, 2022
Didier Drogba delivers 'difficult' verdict on Chelsea takeover situation amid protest pressures

Didier Drogba delivers 'difficult' verdict on Chelsea takeover situation amid protest pressures

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Chelsea legend Didier Drogba has admitted that it has been ‘difficult’ to see his beloved Blues in the current situation they are in regarding all the takeover uncertainty off the pitch.

Roman Abramovich was sanctioned last month by the UK government and EU and the process to find his successors is expected to be fully concluded by the end of April. We now know the four groups who are vying to win this certain race with three of the quartet including heavy American involvement. One of those said groups the Ricketts Family have received the most hostility to date from the Blues fanbase.

Despite their best efforts to calm the storm that has followed on social media and in real life from fans who are keen to see the #NoToRicketts campaign derail the Chicago Cubs owners’ bid, the family have released their eight-point plan to try and convince supporters that their ownership is the right thing going forward from this point. In addition to this, certain members of the family have flown over the Atlantic to the English capital in order to hold talks with certain supporter groups.

Initially, it had seemed that those conversations had gone down well with the likes of the Chelsea Supporters Trust (CST),but a poll released before the Brentford drubbing at the weekend had led to the conclusion that themselves plus most of the other fans who had participated in this specific survey do not deem Tom and co as fit enough to take the club forward in the right direction. Thomas Tuchel himself, whilst not weighing in too much on each specific bid, had agreed with the fans that the Ricketts had to suffer the consequences of their future actions and words that have been highlighted all through this #NoToRicketts movement.

“Nowadays you have to deal with it and you have to face the consequences if you are responsible for these kind of quotes,” Tuchel said in his pre-match press conference before the protests took place the following day.”You have to face the consequences. If one of the consequences is that the fans do a protest or give their opinions you have to deal with it. I hope it will not disturb the team and the fans who support us will remember we have a team who is challenging in three competitions in a crucial moment of the season and don’t distract them in their approach to the stadium or in the stadium during the game. We have enough to deal with at the moment. We don’t need another issue.”

He went on to add if he wanted to meet the aforementioned family: “I give my own opinion and convince the fans that it’s not like this? No, it’s better not to be involved because I think strongly what makes Chelsea strong is everybody knows his role and everybody knows their role is to play to the limit and push yourself to the limit. Also, it is to understand where your limits are and where your responsibilities lie. I don’t think that would suit me and would help any ongoing process with the sale. That’s why I think it does not help.”

Understandably so, Tuchel wanted to not be involved in the process to pick the new stewards of the club – that has so far been left to a mixture of the government, Raine Group and senior figures in west London. Fans will hope their voice has an impact on any decision made but regardless of the end result, club legend Drogba has offered his ‘difficult’ verdict regarding what is happening currently in SW6 with all this uncertainty which could end up derailing the Blues’ season on the pitch if Real Madrid were to get the better of them in the Champions League.

The Ivorian told Reuters via The Sun: “It’s difficult to see the club in such a situation but I’m not going to talk much about it because of the situation itself and I feel for the fans. I also feel for fans, for the club and for all the people working there.”