Barcelona president Joan Laporta cry out that the club is in big deep trouble (Read Detail)

May 18th, 2022


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Barcelona president Joan Laporta cry out that the club is in big deep trouble (Read Detail)

Just like the last summer, it seems like Barcelona find themselves in deep financial troubles.

Caught in endless economic woes, the Catalans saw club legend Lionel Messi leave due to their inability to extend his contract. Now, they find themselves in a delicate situation yet again as the summer transfer window looms.

According to RAC1, Barcelona are in a condition where they need urgent liquidity of funds as they are struggling to pay the wages of their players that are due in June.

The sporting department is eagerly waiting for the club to seal some big economic deals soon so that they can proceed with the processing of salary payments and plan for the upcoming transfer window.

Earlier this month, reports emerged that president Joan Laporta was planning to generate funds from three major dealings. The club supremo is working to finalise the sales of stakes in Barça Studios, Barça Licensing and Merchandise (BLM), which should help ease some burden.

At the same time, Barcelona are also poised to rake in revenue from their TV broadcast rights, for which they have two offers on the table.

The first proposal is from the La Liga-ratified CVC Capital Partners, who are offering Barcelona a sum of €270 million for 10% of the TV rights over a period of 50 years. The second one comes from Goldman Sachs, who will pay €400 million for 20% broadcast rights for 20 years.

As per the report, Laporta is favouring the Goldman Sachs offer, although he wishes to negotiate for only 10% of the TV rights. However, many members of the board are pushing for the president to accept the CVC offer as it would also guarantee Financial Fair Play.

With things getting worse by the day, it is imperative that Laporta and Barcelona close these deals at the earliest possible so as to ensure the smooth running of the club and avoid any missteps ahead of the summer window.