17-year-old girl facing multiple charges after a friend who she jokingly told she was shot called 911 for help

August 3rd, 2023

A prank gone awry has resulted in a teen from Georgia being charged with multiple offenses.

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A number of Valdosta officers and emergency personnel were called to a home on Northside Drive on Saturday at 12:12 p.m. to investigate a teen who jokedly called a friend to inform her that she had been shot.

Valdosta authorities said a resident called 911 and let dispatch know that her companion, later distinguished as 17-year-old Tanji Hallman, had messaged her truism she had been shot yet couldn’t call 911.

The citizen then told dispatch that Hallman had sent her another text message stating that it was a “joke,” but that no one could get in touch with her as officers arrived at the residence, according to police.

While the Valdosta police searched for Hallman, they later found her at a house that wasn’t on Northside Drive.

Officers reportedly spoke with Hallman, who confirmed to them that the text was a joke, according to the Valdosta Police Department.

She let specialists know that she had seen the “trick” on a virtual entertainment outlet.

The next day, Hallman was captured at her home and police say she has to deal with penalties of foolish direct, misleading report of a wrongdoing, a crime, and unlawful lead during an emergency call.

She was brought to the jail in Lowndes County.

β€œIn response to this so-called prank, our officers responded in full emergency mode. Not exclusively were our officials’ lives in danger yet additionally such countless individuals who were going on our streets as crisis vehicles were answering. Our officers were unable to respond to other emergency calls because they had to spend time ensuring that no one had been injured as a result of this call for service. Chief Leslie Manahan stated, “We will continue to prosecute anyone who falsifies a crime for social media attention.”